Advisory Board

Members of the Advisory Board

Group of professors

Name Department Room Phone (internal)
Natural Sciences
Prof. Dr. A. Devi (Head of the board) Chemistry and Biochemistry NC 2/71 24150
Prof. Dr. A. Rosenhahn (surrogate) Chemistry and Biochemistry NC 4/27 24200
Prof. Dr. A. Ludwig Mechanical Engineering IC 03/225 27492
Prof. Dr. M. Hofmann (surrogate) Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik ID 04/329 22259
Prof. Dr. Jan P. Boström Klinik f. Strl.therapie u. Radio-Onkologie 0234 / 64055877
Prof. Dr. B. Brand-Saberi (surrogate) Medicine MA 5/161 27780

Group of scientific staff

Name Department Room Phone (internal)
Dr. S. Neumann Chemistry and Biochemistry NC 7/132 25774
Dr. D. Rogalla (surrogate) RUBION N-Süd OG/28 26625

Group of technical and administrative staff

Name Department Room Phone (internal)
R. Genschur RUBION NT 06/253 26455
K. Schratt (surrogate) RUBION N-Süd OG/26 24238

Group of students

Name Department Room Phone (internal)
J. Klimars Chemistry and Biochemistry
M. Strachowitz (surrogate) Biochemistry

Advisory members

Name Department Room Phone (internal)
Prof. Dr. S. Chakraborty (Director of RUBION) Geosciences IA 4/117 24395
Prof. Dr. J. Bandow (Deputy Director of RUBION) Biology and Biotechnology ND 06/597 23102
A. J. Apool (CEO of RUBION) RUBION N-Süd OG/25 26574
Dr.-Ing. J. N. Klug rubitec GmbH N-Süd OG/32 11953