Advisory Board

Members of the Advisory Board

Group of professors

Name Department Room Phone (internal)
Natural Sciences
Prof. Dr. A. Devi (Head of the board) Chemistry and Biochemistry NC 2/71 24150
Prof. Dr. A. Rosenhahn (surrogate) Chemistry and Biochemistry NC 4/27 24200
Prof. Dr. A. Ludwig Mechanical Engineering IC 03/225 27492
Prof. Dr. M. Hofmann (surrogate) Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik ID 04/329 22259
Prof. Dr. Jan P. Boström Klinik f. Strl.therapie u. Radio-Onkologie 0234 / 64055877
Prof. Dr. B. Brand-Saberi (surrogate) Medicine MA 5/161 27780

Group of scientific staff

Name Department Room Phone (internal)
Dr. S. Neumann Chemistry and Biochemistry NC 7/132 25774
Dr. D. Rogalla (surrogate) RUBION N-Süd OG/28 26625

Group of technical and administrative staff

Name Department Room Phone (internal)
R. Genschur RUBION NT 06/253 26455
K. Schratt (surrogate) RUBION N-Süd OG/26 24238

Group of students

Name Department Room Phone (internal)
D. Zanders Chemistry and Biochemistry NC 2/31 24167
I. Beck (surrogate) RUBION N-Süd OG/50 19250

Advisory members

Name Department Room Phone (internal)
Prof. Dr. S. Chakraborty (Director of RUBION) Geosciences IA 4/117 24395
Prof. Dr. J. Bandow (Deputy Director of RUBION) Biology and Biotechnology ND 06/597 23102
A. J. Apool (CEO of RUBION) RUBION N-Süd OG/25 26574
Dr.-Ing. J. N. Klug rubitec GmbH N-Süd OG/32 11953