Quality management

Quality Management (QM)

The management system applies to the cooperation between the company rubitec GmbH and the central facility of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, in this case the RUBION-ion beam department (area: industrial implantation) for the process step

Ion implantation in semiconductor wafers

Since 2002 we have a quality management system (QMS) for the area: Industrial implantation. Established and documented workflows ensure a high process quality.


Overview leading processes

The quality manager, Mr. Arnd J. Apool, is responsible for the formal creation, management, issuing and modification of all QMS documentation. He oversees the relevant processes and regular training of the employed employees brings them up to date with regard to the quality standards.

Internal audits and an annual (re-) certification by the MPA NRW lead to an extension of the duration of the current certificates. We are already one of the first companies to be certified according to the new 

DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015.



Customized audits, in which we receive regular very good to best reviews, confirm the quality of our QM-system.

QM: Manual - General Requirements

The description of the management system in the QM-documentation creates the required transparency and reference basis for the affected employees. The application of an appropriate and economical management system for our organizational unit ensures that processes, responsibilities and responsibilities are comprehensively regulated within the framework of the QM. Outsourced processes that have an impact on product conformity do not exist.

The described management system ensures that a process oriented coordination of all business units from order acceptance through procurement and production to shipping takes place and is documented by corresponding records - since 2015 with the Implantation-Management-System (IMS).

The management documentation is to be seen as an organizational manual of the mentioned area. This describes the quality management system (QMS) for this organizational area. The documentation comes into force through the approval of the rubitec GmbH management. The documentation is subject to change by management. The change service ensures that users always have a current copy. For work purposes, only the current intranet version may be used to ensure that the current data and specifications are used.

IMS: Implantation Management System

The IMS is used to administer the implantation orders.

IMS-technique: IMS data is stored in a MySQL-database. Supporting documents (customer specifications, order documents, export documents, e.g.) are stored electronically on the server and referenced only by the database. The software is completely web based and optimized for use with Mozilla Firefox. 

IMS-functions: The IMS manages all orders from offer creation to billing. On the overview page, all current (that is, not completely processed) jobs are displayed with their respective status as well as the time required for execution.

After receipt of order, a new process is created. In doing so, previous specifications are used for the individual items. The prices of the individual items can - if a price list is stored - automatically determined or manually entered. From the available data both an order confirmation and a work instruction are created. After processing, a delivery note and an invoice can be created. For deliveries to non-EU countries, a prepared customs declaration is additionally available.

There is also a function available for creating the monthly total bill and other required statistical evaluations. Individual positions can be quickly retrieved using integrated search functions, even in archived jobs.