Instruments and laboratories

100 kV Beschleuniger

100 kV accelerator

This machine is mostly used for ion implantation. For that …



The 32P implanter is a compact ion accelerator that delivers a ion beam of the radioactive isotope phosphorus 32. The ion beam can be used to label material with 32P. Such materials can be used for biomedical or material scientific applications where 32P can be used as a tracer.

500 kV Beschleuniger

500 kV accelerator

The 500 kV accelerator is an open, single ended machine, which means it has no tank around the high voltage terminal and its ion sources are on the high voltage terminal. Thus his operation is much simpler compared to a tandem. Another advantage is …

Symbolbild Zellkulturlabor

Cell culture laboratory

A cell culture laboratory equipped with a hood, an incubator (37°C, 5% CO2) and a refrigerator.

Labor im Kontrollbereich

Isotope laboratory

The isotope laboratory is a control area (according to §36 german radiation saftey act) where it is allowed to handle radioactive substances. We offer several rooms of different size and equipment that are available for short-term or long-term use.

Staining of MOSP, GFAP and DAPI in a neural cell culutre from rat brain

Olympus IX 81 live cell imaging microscope

The Olympus IX81 microscope is equipped with an automated filter wheel for automatic changes of excitation filters and an automated switcher for changing of dichroic mirrors, therefore allowing the automated recording of different fluorescence dyes at varying excitation and emission wavelengths. Furthermore, it allows the automated change of the objectives. To ensure best conditions for the cells during long term recordings, a climate chamber allows to select the temperature and CO2-level. Furthermore, a single cell superfusion system is available that allows rapid, extracellular application of compounds to single investigated cells.

Tektronix DPO5204B

Oszilloscope Tektronix DPO5204B

Fast four-channel oscilloscope with a bandwidth of 2 GHz and a sampling rate from 5 GS/s to 10GS/s.

Single color STED

STED microscope for recordings of fixed samples (home build)

This STED microscope is equipped with a supercontinuum laser with a repitition rate of 1 MHz which allows recording of fluorescent dyes with an excitation/emission maximum around 570nm/620nm with a resolution down to approximately 80nm. The setup is based on the setup introduced by Wildanger et al. (2008).

Image of two-color STED microscope

STED microscope for recordings of living samples (home build)

SICM von HeLa-Zellen

Scanning Ion Conductance Microscope with Booster-Piezo

A home-build scanning ion conductance microscope with a lateral resolution in the range of 70 nm. 


Tandem Accelerator

The 4 MV tandem accelerator system provides a high energetic ion beams of many different species in a wide range of intensities and energies. These ion beams are used for material modification, material analysis and further applications. Examples are the implantation of semiconductors, productions of vacancies or defect, thin film compositional analysis or the depth profiling of hydrogen bearing materials.


XPS/ AES set-up

The XPS/ AES set-up for Photoelectron- and Augerelectron spectroscopy is a system manufactured by Vacuum Genarators. It is equipped …