100 kV accelerator

This machine is mostly used for ion implantation. For that …

… different implantation chambers are available, which can house samples up to a size of 100 mm diameter. During an implantation the beam can be wobbled across the sample surface to guarantee a very good homogeneity of the implantation.

The 100 kV implanter is equipped with an ion-sputtersource. This can supply a large variety of ions with the exception of the noble gases. The negative ions from the ion source can be accelerated to energies starting from a few keV up to 100 keV. Following the acceleration, the beam is analyzed by a 90°magnet. Therefore, the beam has a high purity with practically no other ion species in the beam. In fact, the magnet allows to separate in particular for light ions isotopes such that it is possible to implant only one isotope e.g. 12C or 13C.

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