Olympus IX 81 live cell imaging microscope

The Olympus IX81 microscope is equipped with an automated filter wheel for automatic changes of excitation filters and an automated switcher for changing of dichroic mirrors, therefore allowing the automated recording of different fluorescence dyes at varying excitation and emission wavelengths. Furthermore, it allows the automated change of the objectives. To ensure best conditions for the cells during long term recordings, a climate chamber allows to select the temperature and CO2-level. Furthermore, a single cell superfusion system is available that allows rapid, extracellular application of compounds to single investigated cells.



  • 40× PLAN APO LD
  • 20× PLAN APO LD
  • 10× PLAN APO LD

Excitation filters

  • FITC
  • Fura
  • Fura2
  • TRC
  • DAPI
  • TxRed


  • TxRed
  • Fitc/TRC/Dapi


The IX81 is located in the control area, thus user who want to use this instrument are regarded as user of the control area.

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