XPS/ AES set-up

The XPS/ AES set-up for Photoelectron- and Augerelectron spectroscopy is a system manufactured by Vacuum Genarators. It is equipped …

…with a CLAM2 hemispherical electron analyzer, a twin anode X-ray source, providing Al-Kα und Mg-Kα X-rays for the analysis and a 5 kV electron gun. An ion gun allows to sputter the surfaces of the samples. By the deflection unit of the electron gun and a photomultiplier secondary electron images of the samples can be obtained. The lock chamber of the system can collect up to six samples with a diameter of up to 25 mm, which are passed into the analysis chamber by a magnetic coupled transfer mechanism. The base pressure in the analysis chamber is in the order of 10-9 mbar.

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