XPS/ AES X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and Auger electron spectroscopy

XPS and AES are sensitive analytical techniques, which are complementary to the ion beam supported analytical methods.

These techniques allow to determine and quantify elements in sample (except hydrogen). The quantification is somewhat poorer than with the ion beam methods, but XPS spectra can reveal information about the chemical binding of the elements. Since XPS and AES are in principle sensitive to the first few atomic layers of the sample surface, depth profiles can be accomplished by sequential sputtering of the sample only.

The XPS/AES facility of the RUBION is also accessible for external users. It is intended to be available for a large variety of samples. With a base pressure of 10-9 mbar in the analytical chamber there are almost no requirements to be met for the samples. In this sense the apparatus complements the facilities available at the RUB, which are partly highly specialized.

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