Modular advanced practical »Super-resolution microscopy« for Master students in Biochemistry

This two-week practical course is part of the Master studies of Biochemistry and iSTEM. It is organizied by the Biochemistry departments, registration and topic selection is at the beginning of every winter semester.

In-depth practical »Superresolution microscopy« for bachelor students of Biochemistry

Two-day practical course on the topics Scanning Ion Conductance Micorscopy (SICM) and Stimulated Emission Depletion (STED) Microscopy. The course is organized by the Departments of Biochemistry.

Bachelor theses for Chemists and Biochemists

We offer bachelor theses for students of chemistry and biochemistry including the corresponding practical courses.

Master theses for Chemists and Biochemists

We offer Master theses including the corresponding practical courses for students of  chemistry and biochemistry.

PhD theses in super-resolution microscopy

Radiation safety according to §38 radiation protection act

This course is held in german. More information is available on the german pages.

Block course "Ion beam analysis" for master students in physics

This course comprises four experiments which belong to the advanced practical courses in physics. 

Renewal of the course "Radiation safety" according to §38 Radiation Protection Act

Radiation safety (teaching language english)

This course is part of the module "Molecular tracing methods" in the master course "International Stem Cell Biology" and serves as a substitution for the course "Radiation saftey according to §38 of StrlSchV" for master students of Biochemistry which is only held in German. The course is open to all students from the RUB.