Focused ion beam implantation of rare earth elements in semiconductor nanostructures

The project addresses the focused ion beam implantation of metal ions from the rare earth group into semiconductor nanostructures. In particular, we focus on the incorporation of erbium ions (Er3+) into gallium arsenide (GaAs). The optical transitions of the erbium should lead to an emission of electro-magnetic radiation at a wavelength of 1.54 µm. To better quantify the optical investigation of this emission, it is crucial to qualitatively and quantitatively verify the incorporation of the erbium into GaAs after implantation. For this purpose, highly sensitive analytical methods will be used at RUBION. Among other methods, elemental analyses will be carried out with the help of PIXE. Other research in this field has shown that the luminescence of erbium can be increased by additional implantation of further elements. For this purpose, oxygen is implanted over the surface of the GaAs:Er samples and the luminescence is then investigated.

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