Fe-Mg interdiffusion in pyroxene

Pyroxenes are common minerals in a wide range of magmatic rocks. Diffusion chronometry using major and trace element zoning in pyroxenes is being increasingly used in the last decade but this approach is hampered by the incomplete availability of diffusion data. New experimental and analytical developments for sample investigations on the nanoscale now allow the urgently needed diffusion data for diffusion chronometry to be precisely measured. In our novel experimental approach we will combine pulsed laser deposition for the preparation of thin-film diffusion couples and samples will be investigated using various analytical methods on the nm-scale. RBS will be used to measure the Fe diffusion profile. This research project is a sub-project of a research unit of the DFG (FOR2881).

Funded by

  • Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (FOR2881 - Teilprojekt 1): Diffusion in common mineral phases. Part 1: pyroxene


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