Producing Ti-bearing quartz by ion-implantation for use as secondary standard in electron microprobe analysis

The amount of Ti incorporated in quartz (SiO2) is dependent on the temperature of formation. Therefore, Ti in quartz from natural rocks can be used as a geothermometer. Electron microprobe analysis can be used to quantify the amount of Ti in quartz, but as a low accuracy of such measurements would result in erroneous temperature estimates, secondary quartz standards with known Ti contents are needed. Such standards do not yet exist. This project is aimed at producing six standards with defined Ti content (10 μg g-1, 50 μg g-1, 100 μg g-1, 250 μg g-1, 500 μg g-1, and 1000 μg g-1) by means of ion implantation. Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry should be used for chemical depth profiling before homogenizing the newly produced materials by heating. Finally, these secondary standard materials will be used for data verification during microprobe measurements of high-temperature metamorphic rocks.

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