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Structural and functional analyses on mating-type locus-encoded transcription factors of Penicillium species.

The genus Penicillium represents a large number of important fungal species, which have significance for applied microbiology. However, little is known about their developmental features related to sexual reproduction. Furthermore, the observation that the regulatory function of mating-type locus (MAT)-encoded transcription factors (TFs) extends far beyond the control of sexual processes points to their particular biotechnological relevance. Therefore, the analysis of MAT-controlled cellular and developmental functions represents a promising research approach. Beyond the characterization of MAT TFs, gene regulatory networks controlled by MAT proteins in different Penicillium species are of interest. We intend to gain insight into the functional and mechanistic properties of MAT-TFs in order to understand their cooperative interaction with DNA and other proteins. Therefore, we will address the following questions: a.) What factors do MAT-TFs interact with at the protein level? and b.) What is the X-ray structu

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