Fabrication of PbV centers in diamond

Single group-IV defects in diamond are attractive spin qubits with outstanding optical properties, which make them unique for the realization of efficient long-distance entanglement protocols. Particularly, silicon-vacancy (SiV) and germanium-vacancy (GeV) defects are spectrally stable and possess a high Debye-Waller factor (~70%). However, SiV and GeV have a short spin coherence time at 2 K and require cooling to a few tens of millikelvin to prolong it. On the other hand, group-IV defects based on heavier elements Sn and Pb are expected to have long spin coherence time already at 2 K, preserving nearly ideal optical properties. Therefore, engineering these defects is a highly desirable task. In this project, we plan to fabricate the PbV defects in diamond using the implantation of lead ions at different energies and investigate their optical and electron spin properties.

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